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The Necessary of Evil in the World

War and forcefulness were what held the old-fashioned innovation to rewardher, dominion was not gained through gifts, wealthiness were not won with charit able words, and power was never gained by eating a meal with the enemy. War was a want to the rulers of the ancient gentlemans gentleman, with let on it nothing would be won or lost. The surmount example of this comes from the writings of the Grecian philosopher Herodotus in The Histories written about the Persian Empires conquest for land, and obsession with revenge. To Xerxes, who was the emperor butterfly of Persia around 480 BCE the only discursive choice was to go to war with the Greeks, thus emphasizing the wideness of war. Xerxes believed that no nation was able to withstand the might of the Persian Empire. This philosophy emphasized the deprivation for the use of force and the necessary of war in the ancient world.\nThe idea of war is as old as sentence itself, if there was something to be gained out of want or requirement war was al managements the answer. Herodotus wrote of Xerxes preaching with his counsel regarding the impending invasion of Greece, and the strategies he wanted to employ. Xerxes states that In his behalf, therefore, and in behalf of all the Persians, I undertake the war, and p conductge myself not to rest till I have taken and ruin Athens, which has d bed, unprovoked, to injure me and my father. Xerxes felt an overpowering pressure to make his forepart known in Greece and to overwhelm the Athenians. Emperor Xerxes ruled his empire with an iron fist and that led to the Persian Empire creation the strongest empire in the world at that time in history.\nRulers in the ancient world were ruthless as say in Hammurabis lawfulness Code where most laws you are either killed or wound for the laws broken. This was derived in a way to deter crime and discipline fear in the people. In reading excerpts written by Herodotus in his accounts of dealings with Xerxes, it is belatedly to feel the fear that Xerxes emits when he speaks. When his counselors answer hi… If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: essay writing

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