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Summary of Congo Imperialism

Before Imperialism took rise in the congou tea, African society was comprised of different ethnic root words defined by geographical b devotes. As a result, Europe gradually want its way into the Congo and frugal prosperity grew due to unsanded material exports, but the treatment of people and the social barriers among the Congolese continued to be strained. Life in Pre-Colonial Congo consisted of free, non-literate societies that used sophisticated tools and in addition traded with other places. numerous clans and affinity groups were ru conduct by a chief which were formed in small villages. Soon, Europeans began to control separate of Africa and exported their raw materials in bit to surpass their neighboring countries. Many leaders expressed their delight for Africa and at one argue was called the Scramble for Africa. A leader named King Leopold took control of primeval Africa, the Congo Free State, and was a main point in African imperialism and colonialism. In a ddition, many horrific events took place thither and the responses was key to development of Africa and their valet de chambre rights today.\nThe first people to move in primal Africa were cognise as hunter-gatherers because they lived off the province by collecting fruits and zesty and killing the animals. Small groups called the Bantues from western Africa migrated into rally and Eastern Africa convey with them the knowledge of melting weigh which allowed for sophisticated tools. Another group called the Nilotes migrated into Central Africa and brought with them the techniques of fishing and farming. The techniques introduced by various groups led for Central Africa to flourish agriculturally. Eventually, these groups developed their make distinct languages, social structure, and tribes. This led to the two hundred different ethnic groups in Central Africa, each with its own beliefs and customs. By the 15th and 16th centuries, many empires began to grow as the nation i ncreased and began to set up trading networks w… If you want to captivate a full essay, order it on our website: Free essays examples

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