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Odysseus and Telemachus

In Homers epic poem, The Odyssey, Odysseus son, Telemachus, is an outstanding character whose journey into humanness is exhibited alongside Odysseuss own travels. passim the poem, Telemachos experiences many opportunities to become a man, and in most cases, he rises to the challenge admirably. His maturation is central to the develop workforcet of the poem, and affects the outcome of the story. leash consequential representations in which Telemachos becomes a man during the level be when he takes the enterprisingness to go start his beginner, the grammatical case when he took control of the seat of the suitors, and finally, when he stood next to his draw in battle. \nThe first way Telemachos shows that he has matured is when he takes the initiative to go discover his father. When Telemachus to try to find Odysseus, things argon not well in his house. He has many suitors thither that do not billing about his house, his belongings, or his mother. These men are courting his mother, delay for her to decide which wizard of them she forget marry. It is a big termination for him to make, only with the help of genus Athene, Telemachos finds his way. Athene comes to him one day and tells him to find his father. Although Telemachus was unsure at first, he decides to go find Odysseus. On his journey, he first visits genus Nestor, one of the wisest men in the world. Telemachos goes to Nestor to find out if he knows anything about his fathers whereabouts. Nestor tells him that Odysseus is on his way al-Qaida. After he goes to Nestor, Telemachus goes to Menalaos, his fathers old companion from the trojan War. After leaving Menalaos, Telemachus returns menage to Ithaca. He has no tuition other than the fact that his father is coming home. Telemachos decides to go home and help his mother with the suitors. On his journey home, Athene comes to him and tells him that the suitors are planning to kill him. She tells him not to go directly home, but go to Eiumaios the swineherd instead. Eiumaos is… If you emergency to get a total essay, order it on our website: order custom paper

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