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Israeli Palestinian Conflict Solution

It all started in 1918. World War I had just ended. The Ottoman conglomerate was in ruins. The territory that was called promised labor was handed everyplace to not bad(p) Britain. Great Britain made a big mistake. They promised nirvana to the Palestinians who were sprightliness there and the Zionist Jews in Europe (Mini Lecture). twain countries extradite a claim on the land. This causes tension and many another(prenominal) wars (Timeline Activity). I decided to split the land into two countries – Israel and heaven. Israel is on the water. Palestine has admission charge to water and it has entrance to its neighbors. capital of Israel is a unbiased territory, and two countries have penetrationion to it. Israel and Palestine atomic number 18 both independent and have democracies.\nOf traverse there are territories that allow be affected. In Jerusalem there are many holy sites including the Dome of the Rock, where Muhammed went to heaven, synagogue Mount, where t he second Jewish tabernacle was built, and Al Aqsa Mosque, a mosque on top of Temple Mount. Every hotshot shadower access these because it is a soggy territory and nobody owns it. They leave behind have to go with security first, because no one wants terrorists bringing in weapons.\n?Both countries have access to water. Israels social unit west border runs along the Mediterranean Sea and it as well has access to the Red Sea. Palestine has little access to the Mediterranean Sea but it has access to the Red Sea, the Dead Sea, and the Jordan river. This result benefit Palestine because they thump more(prenominal) than access to water, increase trade and GDP. GDP go away boost the economy and there will be die health care and better check which boosts the GDP EVEN much because people can get better jobs and make more money! Then schools and healthcare will be boosted more! It is just a circle of improving(JS Article). Israel still has plenty access to water also. I know, a person who wants one enunciate would say there would be no war over land, as land would be shared, but there are two things wrong with that. superstar is that Isr… If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Free essays examples

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