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Greece and the Persian Empire

Cyrus the Great was the founder of the Iranian Empire. He onlyowed his people to keep on doing their traditions which made his people doglike to him. When he died in 529 BC, Cyrus had already ruled the largest conglomerate in the world. He had a discussion named Cambyses.When Cyrus died Persia rebelled and did not have an provable leader. A man named Darius get the breach of all his rivals and became the next king. He called himself King of kings, because he was very powerful. He organized the empire into twenty provinces. In for each one providence he frame up governors called satraps,who collected taxes, put deal rebellions and served as judges.\nThe Persians religion called Zoroastrianism. The Persians believed that at that place was only one divinity and creator of all things. deity is the incarnation of positive, and humans could consider between good and evil. provided in the end, good go forth always overcome. King Darius I built many roads, so the Persians c ould deliver messages very quickly. champion road called The Royal channel was 1700 miles long. He built a new capital at Persepolis. While Darius was a king, the Greeks rebelled and began the Persian Wars. The Greek cities of Asia Minor revolted against the prescript of Persia at 499 B.C.. Some former(a) Greek city states try to help. Eventually, the Persian stop the rebellion, that King Darius wanted all the Greeks to pay.\nThe Persian War began when the capital of Greece were going against the Persians on the region of Marathon.The Greeks waited for the Persians, that they will attack first, except they did not.The Persians eventually decided to apparent motion their troops to ships and attack capital of Greece directly. They put their strongest horsemen onto the ship first. The Greeks took value of the weekness and attacked. Although the Persians had more soliders, the Athenians won because they had better weapons and leaders. Ten years after the defeat on Marathon, Xer xes I, the give-and-take of Darius, wanted revenge and try to conquer Greece once again. In 480… If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:  buy paper cheap

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