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The H-1B Visa Program

The land of hazard. Isnt that what America is supposed to be? The H-IB visa schedule that was instituted in 1990 gives heightsly expert foreigners the opportunity to fill jobs in the unite States that American citizens are non addressable to fill. The courses current guidelines effect it to misuse by employers, resulting in the outsourcing of positions and deterioration of the American prepare force. Though America is essentially a artless make of immigrants, we as a unsophisticated should match we are crack available opportunities to American citizens in the first place reaching beyond the countrys borders. patch the premise of the H-1B visa program is good and beneficial to the country when used as intended, shape up regulations are needed to ensure its proper usage.\nWhile the H-1B program is not an immigrant program, it does allow foreigners to endure in the United States for duty purposes. The country caps the number of H1-B visas to 65,000 per annum in ord er to nail down the number of foreign non-citizens in the United States at whatsoever given time. When all of the exceptions and exemptions for research and institution employees are included, the certain number is not even up close to the set limit. In 2010, there were a summation of 241,682 reported H1-B visas (Butler, 26). Immigrants with H-1B visas are sponsored by employers and notwithstanding permitted to be in the United States so gigantic as they keep a business sponsor. The H-1B program does not provide employment for artless workers; it exclusively includes only those who spend a penny at least a bachelors degree, or equivalency, in forcefulness occupations (Tannock, 312). While H-1B visas are only available to expert workers, opposite visa opportunities are available for temporary employment in the United States. New divide here? Americans were surveyed in 2010 on whether they favored highly skilled or low-skilled immigrants. Responders of both high and low skill levels themselves powerfully favored highly skilled immigrant… If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: order custom paper how to write an essay: "How I spent my summer?"

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