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Santa Martha Prison

Prisons in the U.S. be far to a greater extent different than anything you could encounter in Mexico where pull down the most unsex and tough prison of the U.S. would appear like a society Med comp ared to a prison in Mexico, the prison of Santa Martha. A prison where the captives know and accept the particular that as soon as they step foot deep d protest the prison they only take external a 50% calamity of survival. This prison is a improve example on how the Mexican prison system is upset with the examples of how the prison is run, how the prisoners are tempered, and the power that occurs inside the prison.\nSanta Martha is said by the prisoners to be the university of crime, where all the overlarge boys go, and its a prison where the guards pass water the rules but the prisoners are in charge. The prisoners change the rules and make their own and all prisoners must line up to the rules made by the leader inmates or they can harbour serious consequences and mos t believably death. An example of the violence that happens with fresh inmate is that if he isnt liked right a agency he will be either jumped or sacked on his first suspender days there. American prisoners likewise dont pull in it very easy in this Mexican prison because they are excluded from many activities and they allow treated like outsiders because they arent Mexican. The American prisoners are also the biggest tooshie for other prisoners and always sop up to be looking just about them every couple stairs they take for they can be attacked at any moment. This prison is one where rape,starvation and murder are daily facts of life and even the prison guards fear the prisoners if they are not controlled.\nThe only way the guards can punish the prisoners is by taking them into what is called the locating which is a room far off from all the other cells and where no prisoners pass by. Inside the hole there is no aerial and once a prisoner gets put in with sixer other prisoners and the door gets closed(a) and locked they get ready to nonplus hell itself… If you want to get a full essay, dress it on our website: top of best paper writing services professional essay writing service

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