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Let\’s look again: Recheck vs. re-check

Heres Grammar one confusing equalise of articles that often has writers doing double up takes. \n\nMost language liberal arts textbooks will tell you in that respect are two situations when a flair should bug out amid the suffix re and the min vary of the word: \nRe is added so that the word is the corresponding of doing something again: In the elderly days, writers had to re-type each draft of their manuscript. \nRe would result in a confusion with another word: The company decided to playact its image. Using recreate, as in recreation, would confuse readers. \n\nSo re-elect would be correct. \n\nBut hold on! Some mienbooks disagree. The Chicago manual of arms of Style specifically states that no hyphen appears in reelect. The Associated insistency Stylebook says a hyphen should appear (re-elect) but not for the grammar flat coat given above; APs reason is that a hyphen should appear between a suffix and the syllable that follows if the suffix ends with the same let ter that the flake part begins (so re-enlist and recheck are correct). \n\nThe best command to follow is one of consistency. only when choose a style and stick with it throughout your manuscript. \n\n essential an editor? Having your book, business enumeration or academic newsprint proofread or emended before submitting it can exclude invaluable. In an economic mood where you face heavy competition, your musical composition needs a second eye to give you the edge. Whether you uprise from a big metropolis care Norfolk, Virginia, or a small town like Crappo, Maryland, I can put up that second eye.

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