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Domestic Violence in Same Sex Relationships

If you Google municipal attend to force-out, you argon springiness to find millions of sites utilize to describing what domesticated violence is, and how to get religious service for both the victim and the aggressor. The lesser discussed aspect of domestic violence is its presence in uniform-sex relationships. closing curtain year, the US Centers for Disease run across and Prevention released figures showing stack in same-sex relationships experience levels of domestic violence just as a good deal as those in straight relationships (Jolly). Researching this topic was very(prenominal) hard because in rundown to the stigma associated with being a survivor of domestic violence, in that location is an extra layer of construe that comes with being in a same-sex relationship. As a soulfulness who was abused in a same-sex relationship, I know primary how hard it is to get dish to deal with the violence.\nThere are many misconceptions about domestic violence in same sex relationships that make it some impossible to get the help needed. One of the most pitiful misconceptions is that domestic violence does not happen as often as it does in heterosexual relationships. The National Violence Against Wo custody perspective found that 21.5 percent of men and 35.4 percent of women animation with a same-sex henchman go through intimate-partner physical violence in their lifetimes, compared with 7.1% and 20.4% for men and women, respectively, with a score of only opposite-sex cohabitation. It is assumed that thither is a masculine partner and a feminine partner. (Glass). For that reason, there are not a lot of support groups dedicated to helping people get down domestic abuse in same sex relationships.\nWhen I would walk into a church, provide or support group, I was always met with open weapons and felt all-inclusivey supported. I can still take in their faces when I would reveal that the mortal abusing me was another woman. It felt as if my concerns and fears were no longer valid. sight would like at me as if I had somehow as… If you requirement to get a full essay, order it on our website: topofbestpaperwritingservices best research paper writing service reviews

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