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One world, three sects, one faith?


top 5 best paper writing services History of Judaism, Christianity, & Islam\n look into Essay\nONE WORLD, third SECTS, ONE FAITH?\n unity can logically end that there atomic number 18 rough-cut chord dominate theologys spanning across globes oceans and many continents in the 21st century. Each of the tether religions pr separatelyes tolerance towards one another(prenominal) as well as other religions in the argonna of humanity. However, these t all(prenominal)ings are not forever and a day followed. While they all acquire to be peaceful religions, each(prenominal) faith has fought wars in the anatomy of their religion or their God. Scholars and students of the faiths go back these battles interesting occurrences because essentially each of the religions prays to the same God. The relationship among the three: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, has been, at times, a strained one. There are several rea discussions for the variants prorogated by each faith; however the reverberative concomitant is that e ach religion is interconnected by their teachings, practices and diachronic foundations.\nLESSONS LEARNED\nThe Jewish quite a little, although believe that a messiah pass on one day come, do not believe rescuer to be the chosen one. Christians, for whom delivery boy is the son of God, are fire by this thus providing a platform from which Christian teachings put one over prorogated blamed the Jews for the murder of Jesus. The Christians are also at sea with the fact that Muslims do not have intercourse Jesus as the son of God; they see him as a prophet reasonable like Muhammad and Abraham. The Jewish people are also upset with the way Muslims view the prophets. The Quran states that Abraham was not a Jew, nor yet a Christian; but he was an upright man who had surrendered (to Allah), and he was not of the idolaters. This angers the Jews who name Abraham as the father of Judaism.\nThe main line of work with viewing tolerance with in these religions is that the religious extr emists are the to the lowest degree tolerant in each religion, yet they are the or so vocal. This fails each religion a bad name in the eyes of the others. The prime congressman of this today can be seen in the radical members of Al Qaeda. Their extremist views in no way represent the views of the common Muslim however; they give the appearance that all Muslims deficiency to kill all Jews and Christians.\n agree to Patrick Comerford, They were not always sinless or idyllic,…If you want to target a full essay, swan it on our website:

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