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Crusades Vs. Jihads

top 3 best paper writing services Christian Crusades and Islamic Massacres\n\nIn the other(a) part of the eleventh century, Christians led crusades to spread Christianity to the early(a) religions of the world, mainly Muslims. However, the Crusades were not ab initio meant to be a religious war but preferably to protect the Christians going on religious pilgrimages to capital of Israel from existence persecuted by the Muslims who had also claimed Jerusalem as their blessed city and destroyed the temple that was built in the city. In dictate to provide the protection that the Christians needed, pontiff Urban II issued a plead for champion. In his plead, the verbalize that God commanded, that the Christians go and defend the infidels and expel them from the holy of holies.\nDuring this clipping that the Pope was c wholeing for help to support the Christians, the peasants did not ac humpledge how to read Latin which happened to be the only language that the script was written in. Therefore, because the church held so ofttimes power during these times, the multitude went to war, believing it was what God has told them to do so. This is where the problem about the Crusades comes about. The raft believed that it was their job to protect the Christians in Jerusalem, and they did this through ways that no Christian should ever woolgather of doing. On their way to the holy city, the Crusaders who were easily identified by the crosses on their shields killed each the Jews who appe bed to them along the way. Then, when they laid siege to Jerusalem, they killed all of its inhabitants. These actions of the early Christians ar no different than the actions of todays Muslims except that the Christians did not know that what they were doing was not commanded nor allowed in the Bible, and their Muslim counterparts believed it was allowed and required. The minorities of Muslims who lead Jihads some the world, are also killing thousands, and destroying the lives of millions around the worl d, just like the Crusaders did during the early Crusades. However, the Muslim Jihads the Christian Crusades are the same in all aspects.\nIn a much stretched out way, Christian crusades flock be justified as to say that the Christians honestly did not know that what they were doing was wrong because of their unfitness to read Latin, and they were protecting…If you want to earn a full essay, pitch it on our website:

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