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Anatomy of a Resume, how to decode and understand

Anatomy of a Resume. how to decode and understand. infographic guide

When writing a resume, you often have questions about which parts to use and how to use them effectively? Follow this infographic guide to the complete disintegration of summary, then, that each partition is used for and pit falls to avoid.

Contact Information Section

Name: obligatory information correct? Believe it or not names can create complications. Make sure that you use the Legal Name, if you have a name that is hard to say, to put out a short form for your name on your resume.

Address: Full address turns out resume structure, it is becoming more common to simply put the city, province / state and country.

Contact Information: Put your most desired phone number and email address. Keep your e-mail address, formal, with first and last name, try to avoid e-mail messages as … @ emial.com or … @ email.com.

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