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4 billion people are still offline

4 billion people are still offline


The world has taken another small step to becoming fully connected by 2015 about 3.2 billion people now online, compared to 3 billion in 2014, according to a new report published by Facebook. But this means that even 4.1 billion people, more than half the world’s population, are not connected to the Internet at all.

In the Connect 2020 Agenda ITU calls for at least 50% of the developing peoples’ families, “to have Internet access by 2020 and to reduce the cost and discrimination that keeps many people on the Internet. Without a coordinated approach to connectivity, but assessment ITU, which is almost 3 billion people will remain off-line in 2020, almost all of them in developing countries.

In their study, the connection to the global network, Facebook has identified four main barriers that continue to support the ambitious plan of the ITU out of reach, and highlights ways to plan, we can overcome these problems. As the report notes: “These barriers do not occur in isolation, they can not be seen in isolation They function as a cluster, each affecting the other.”.


The presence of the Internet depends on the ability of people to access the internet through a number of different means, including wired, wireless, or satellite communication. Despite the different ways of getting Internet connectivity, coverage remains limited for many.

Mobile network connections helped to bridge the gap of availability. As much as 96% of the world population has, in theory, have access to a 2G network, but this technology will cover only the basic connection information. At least 1.6 billion people do not have access to a 3G or 4G at all.

Not surprisingly, the absence of better data access mostly economic in nature.

Reliable service at a reasonable price is out of reach for many. Changing this has led to the chicken and egg scenario for service providers. In order to create a more reliable network providers will have to invest more and more infrastructure. There are also significant costs in maintaining the rural architecture of the mobile communication network. This will require considerable investment return, which is now unlikely. In addition to the relatively low level of income, the population of these regions show rather low demand for online services, in part because they do not see what the Internet can do to enrich their lives.

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